Le Feu De L’Eau + Edible Gardens LA


Los Angeles based artisanal candle makers Le Feu De L’Eau, have collaborated with Edible Gardens LA, to create a series of candles that bring scents from herbs and plants of the garden into the home.

African Basil
top: African Basil – Orange – Lemon
middle: Silver Thyme – Linden Blossom – Clove
bottom: Bay Berry Leaves – Rosewood

top: Parsley – Coriander – Orange
middle: Cardamom Leaves
bottom: Eucalyptus

Citrus Geranium
top: Lemon Bergamot
middle: Lavender
bottom: Geranium

Lemongrass Rosemary
top: Bergamot – Lemon – Lime
middle: Rosemary – Sage – Peppermint
bottom: Lavender – Cedar Leaf

Made with soy wax, cotton wick, fragrance + essential oils. White oak lid + glass vessel. Made in the USA. Estimated burn time is 65 hours.

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