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Exclusively ours, Dandelion Spring Farm organic, herbal elixirs. Grown and made on her own organic farm, Beth Schiller makes these tinctures, elixirs and bitters with herbs to nurture and support the body. We have been using these for several months now and feel their nourishing effects on our bodies. We are honored to carry these very special herbal remedies.


Stellaria: A soothing, nutritious and cooling herb used for skin problems of all types. It is also used for the eyes, lungs and chest. High in vitamin A and C, saponins and minerals including iron, copper, magnesium and calcium.

Burdock: A powerful cleanser and blood purifier. it works to cleanse and tone the liver, which is the filtering system for toxins that can cause many digestive & skin conditions.

Hyssop: Expectorant, antiviral. Particularly good at giving relief of symptoms of the common cold and helping to move it out of the body.

Milky Oats: Restores strength and energy to the nervous system when exhausted.

Elecampane: Upper Respiratory tract herb. Also tones digestieve and urinary organs. Don’t use if pregnant or nursing.

Tulsi: One of the most sacred plants in India and considered the queen of the herbs for it’s restorative properties. Tulsi has been used for thousands of years to support the respiratory system, treat stress, fevers and headaches. It is also high in antioxidants.

Ashwagandha: Roots dug after first frost and dried. Energy building, sedative to the nerves (adaptogenic). Protects immune system, improves learning and memory, reduces anxiety, enhances sexual energy in both men and women.

All tinctures are made using an organic, local grain alcohol.


The Tempest: An apple cider vinegar and honey based elixir, here infused with lemon balm, mountain mint, and evening primrose. It is a soothing and balancing blend, working to calm the nervous and digestive systems. We recommend it for adrenal fatigue & stress related to organ imbalances. The combination of evening primrose and lemon balm is particularly good for the solar plexus – the heart region of our bodies. Also tasty taken straight or added to your water or seltzer water as a refreshing treat.

Solar Flare: Solar Flare is a tasty tonic with an apple cider vinegar & honey base (known as an “oxymel”) infused with turmeric root, sorrel leaf, & spruce tip. The apple cider vinegar and honey boost the immune & digestive systems. Sorrel is a sour leaf that contains mucilage which coats & cleanses the digestive tract, and is also beneficial for the immune system, appetite, and skin. Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory and is a strong anti-oxidant, and spruce tip is a prime source of Vitamin C. Together, these plants create a brightening and powerful digestive & immune blend. We like to take a tablespoon straight each morning, or add a pour to our water bottles or some seltzer water.

Eclipse Season Bitters: Eclipse Season Bitters are a lemon verbena, ginger, & honey syrup blended with hyssop & fennel extracts. Lemon verbena is a soothing digestive, creating a tasty base with anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant ginger root and local honey. Fennel and hyssop are individually tinctured in local grain alcohol, and added to the blend for their powerful anti-septic & carminative (working to reduce gas & bloating) effects, respectively. Bitters are best used when taken 10 minutes before or after meals, ~10 drops on or under the tongue or in water to stimulate the digestive enzymes.


Calendula Oil: orange-yellow flowers that are magic for the skin! Anti-septic and anti-viral. Great for rashes and inflamed skin conditions, as well as dryness and other mild skin irritations.

Mullein Ear Oil: small yellow flowers are harvested and infused with garlic in olive oil. This particular combination is very good for ear infections. One drop (really, just one!) in the ear or massaged just behind the ear lobe is the common recommended dosage.

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